Predictive SEPSIS Screening with AI
'Real' Real-time
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Smartest ICUs yet..

Arc® - State of the art EMR solution - is the ultimate tool to manage ICU workflow.


Arc® allows ICU to collaborate within HIS for better patient care coordination, reduced errors and higher productivity.

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Arc® for ICUs


Pathway Driven Decision Support

Treatment Planning

Continous Patient Surveillance


Nursing Care Planning

Reduction in Paperwork

ICU Workflow Management


Rich Data Sources

More Insights

Predictive Analytics


Revenue Cycle Management

Resource Planning

Compliance of Protocols


Think of it like a cockpit, you have access to every single valuable information about patients in real time. This feature comes in handy when you are working in ICU. Now doctors can spare more time than ever for our patients. Our nurses do not want to go back to paper charts. Information is more trackable and accurate. AI powered Sepsis Screening and built-in Clinical Decision Support engine supports us to reach HIMSS Stage 7. A great tool to compliment ICUs.

Adnan Develioglu, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer & CEO
İstanbul Bahçelievler Public Hospital